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C’Space is the national rockets launch campaign, the appointment between students and space. Organized by the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) from July 15th to 22nd, this event will allow young people to experiment the projects they built throughout the year. The week rhythm will be given by rockets launches, CanSat drops and stratospheric balloon release, gathering students and professionals from different horizons and cultures.

2017 marks the 54th edition of C'Space. For the third consecutive year, the1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes (RHP) military camp of Ger near Tarbes in the Pyrenees welcomes the participants. With Planète Sciences organization, 200 students will gather from July 15th to 22th. C’Space is a unique opportunity for enthusiastic of space to participate to an educational project fostering scientific experiments and techniques embarked on experimental rockets. Unforgettable moments await these young teams who have been working on their high tech projects for at least a year.

A week of sharing and conviviality

In this context, about forty experimental rockets, nearly fifty minirockets, ten CanSats and one experimental balloon will fly away in the Ger sky from July 15th to 22nd 2017.

First of all, C’Space aims at gathering people of all ages around the same passion. An official day is therefore organized on Thursday, 20th July, on Ger camp site to develop meetings between professionals of the space industry and students. This will be a moment of privileged exchanges allowing these young people to benefit from the experience of theirs elders and learn about career opportunities in the space sector.

C'Space is also the discovery of space for many. To this end the organization Planète Sciences and its volunteers will offer fun activities to educate the little ones as the greatest space segment in a friendly atmosphere.

CanSat France competition

Since 2009 the CanSat France competition occurs during the C’Space gathering, allowing young people to take on the challenge to integrate all the essential elements of a satellite into a volume as limited as a can of soda.

Hoping for the sun to be on the party, headgear and sunscreen are to be expected!


The Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales

Created in 1961, CNES plays a key role in the French, European and international space arena, driving initiative, stimulating new proposals and providing technical expertise to support the design, development and operation space systems. To study our planet and discover the universe, the French space agency is based on industries and laboratories. Founded to implement France’s space policy and true to its vocation, CNES is constantly reinventing space. Since its creation, C’Space, national rockets launch campaign, is organized every year by CNES which ensures the flight safety.

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